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Sergio García-Pliego García-Soto (Tornasuk)

I’m Sergio García-Pliego García-Soto
(alias Tornasuk)

Higher Technician in Multi-platform & Web Applications Development

As a programming enthusiast, I’m always eager to face new challenges and learn new things, either by working on or developing my own projects. I also consider myself a diligent and responsible person, so I can easily work both individually and in groups.

I specialise in mobile application development (Android apps) and web development, although I have also worked with a variety of programming languages to create from desktop applications to video games.

But since not everything is programming, I usually enjoy my free time watching anime, playing video games or playing instruments such as electric guitar, piano or violin. If I had to add one more peculiarity about myself, it would be that I’m 1st Dan black belt in karate, although I don’t go around the streets beating people up like Chuck Norris!


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Expert Level
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Web Development



I have made countless HTML documents as a basis for creating web pages, including this one, which is 90% hand-written HTML, without using the WordPress block editor.

CSS Logo


I always like to design websites not only with good performance, but also with an attractive appearance, so I am quite experienced in this language.

Sass Logo


Working with SCSS makes development more versatile and more orderly than with traditional CSS, so I like to use it whenever I can.

JavaScript Logo


As with CSS, I always like my web pages to look dynamic, and JavaScript provides quite a few possibilities to achieve this (AJAX, DOM modification, animations, etc.).

PHP Logo


The main language for back-end, which allows me to manage client data, communicate with the server, manage REST services, send emails and much more.

React Logo


I have some experience developing a web app linked with Firebase, including passing parameters between components, using of hooks (useState, useEffect, useRef), folder organization, routes handling (wouter), etc.

Angular Logo


I have practical experience in the development of a web app with an official Udemy certificate: Musify | Udemy certificate

Multi-platform Development

Python Logo


My experience with Python, apart from my DAM education, comes from having developed on my own a scripted RPG video game.

Java Logo


It’s very likely the language I’ve worked with the most to develop Android and desktop apps.

Kotlin Logo


Besides my experience in Android development with Java (Android Jetpack), I also have experience working with Kotlin and using the new Android’s toolkit, Jetpack Compose.

C# Logo


I have developed some desktop apps with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), iin addition to contributing to the development of a video game with Unity.

SQL Logo


I have built and managed multiple databases (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle), getting to control reasonably well the use of queries and statements.

Programs / Resources


Android Studio Logo

Android Studio

I have developed a few apps with this IDE, so I have a lot of experience with it.

Visual Studio Code Logo

Visual Studio Code

I have been using it for quite some time to code in practically any language, so I know how to take advantage of many of its virtues, such as plugins or project organization.

WordPress Logo


My main tool when developing web pages, which offers many customization possibilities.

Drupal Logo


I have some experience with Drupal 9, mostly in content creation and back-end management.




I have been working with this software since I started studying web development to be able to create websites on a local server, as well as manage its database and transfer files via FTP or SFTP using the FileZilla program.

Firebase Logo


This platform has been my favorite when it comes to storing and managing the data of the apps I have developed so far (both Android apps and Web apps).

Git Logo

Git + GitHub

I have basic skills in the area of version control to manage individual or group projects.


API REST / RESTful Services

In terms of working with external resources, I can handle data in both XML and JSON format to consume the necessary APIs in any project.



I’ve been using GIMP since long before I started developing, although I’ve always used it on a non-professional level for design work and image modification.


Contact data

C/ Ramón y Cajal 26, Torralba de Calatrava, Ciudad Real



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